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Sole Pack Liquid 16oz

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Sole Pack Packing relieves dry, hard, sore hooves, while combating bacterial and fungal infections and treating white line disease. Sole Pack is extremely effective in maintaining the natural pliability of the hoof. Sole Pack Hoof Packing is fast-acting, quick-penetrating and formulated with soothing natural ingredients. Available in easy to use individual packs,4Lb and 8Lb buckets. Contains:Pine Tar, Potassium Iodide, Iodine. According to Hawthorne, potassium iodide (one of their main raw materials) is also used for neutralizing radiation. Sole Pack will seek out and aggressively combat bacterial and fungal infections. Sole Pack liquid (and packing) are the most effective natural medicated products for the protection of your horses feet. This patented product is recommended by Master Farriers nationwide. Painting Sole Pack Medicated Liquid Hoof Dressing on the coronary band, also aids in stimulating hoof growth.
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