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Multi-Purpose Pad Medium

Item# MP271-MD
$10.65, 10/$90.75
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The EDSS Multi-Purpose Plate is an extremely durable, hard flat plate (3/16" thick) that has unlimited uses. Its rigid structure is perfect for issues of the foot that require static support from descending PIII and ultimate protection from the returning ground forces. Its primary uses are for PIII bone fractures (Fracture Plate), with the pad installed between the foot and shoe. The MP Plate makes an excellent hospital plate when applied to the ground surface of the EDSS Shoe using the Wedge Rail holes already provided in the shoe. Other successful applications of the MP Plate (in conjunction with NB Shoes and NB shoeing principles) include: a negative plane PIII angle, prolapsed frog, caudal heel pain, quarter cracks and Navicular Syndrome.Available sizes include: Medium (000-1), Large (2-3), X-Large (4-5)
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