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Blurton Egg Bar Clipped 0

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Blurton Eggbar Side Clipped Front Steel Shoes This is an oval shaped shoe and is usually used on horses with pre-navicular and navicular disease. The frog is not supported, as the bar extends behind it, which can be a problem when used with very flat feet, as the frog will 0drop through0 because it is unsupported. In this case, a heart-bar shoe may be better. The shoe has a considerably enlarged heel-bearing surface and is usually applied to the front feet with a rolled toe. Recently, egg-bar shoes have been fitted to hind feet, as the extended heel surface gives support to horses with hock problems. The shoe incorporates a roll toe and is safed off at the heel. Side clips are standard and they have a countersunk position for stud holes. Unique to these shoes they incorporate pitched nail holes providing a different angle for each nail making it easier to nail on. Suggested nail- MX50 or LX50
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