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PROfile 00 Hind

Item# PROH-00
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The PROfile™ Hind shoes are specially designed to facilitate many of the needs of today’s performance and sport horses. The PROfile™ features a beveled toe to allow for ease of breakover and leverage reduction and a unique nailing pattern to allow for an optimal amount of toe slide required by performance horses.  The primary nail hole is set out of the crease so the nail head can be ground flush causing the toe portion to have a reduced amount of friction.  The shoe is then creased from the second nail hole back to allow for some M/L traction.  The overall side profile of the shoe is slightly graduated to help with pastern alignment and to mimic the natural progressive wear configuration of hind sport shoes. The foot surface of the PROfile™ is well seated out to allow for good sole relief. And finally, alignment marks on the center of the shoe make it easier to get the shoe properly placed around the widest part of the foot to maintain good D/P balance.
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