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Vulcan Blenkinsop 00 Front

Item# VBF-00
$7.50, 10/$64.13
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The VulcanBLENKINSOP Shoes have a conventional design that incorporates many necessary modern day features. The Vulcan BLENKINSOPshoes come in a truefront pattern that helps eliminate some issues caused by the "one-style-fits-all" shape of many kegs shoes on the market today. The shape of theBLENKINSOP allows farriers to achieve a better fit more quickly because the shoe is designed to fit around the coffin bone with few alterations, meaning the widest part of the shoe aligns with the widest part of the foot quite well right out of the box. This shoe features an well designed ROLL in thetoe of the shoe that continues around towards the quarters, offering the much needed Leverage Reduction required for many equine athletes today.
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