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Farrier's Fix Hoof Oil 16oz

Item# FFHO16
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Usage: Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil is a therapeutic, topical treatment that benefits the entire hoof from the coronary band to the sole and frog. FOR HORSES WITH HOOF ISSUES: Sore Feet, Quarter Cracks, Laminitis, Thrush, etc.: Apply Farriers’ Fix Hoof Oil to clean and dry hoof exterior, sole and frog every day. Allow 5-10 minutes for hoof to absorb oil before returning to stall. FOR HOOF MAINTENANCE: Apply 3x per week. WITH PADS: Using Farriers’ Fix under the pads helps to prevent thrush and other bacteria from forming. By painting the sole and frog and saturating the packing with Farriers’ Fix, the oil will feed into the hoof rather than wick it away. Leather pads do not break down as fast when saturated with Farriers’ Fix.
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