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Natural Balance PLR Race XT 6

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The Aluminum PLR Race XTis the next generation in aluminum performance foot wear for horses. The XT version of the PLR Race has a 3mm (1/8") wear plate embedded in the toe to both improve the longevity of the shoe and offer a little more traction. Although the wear plate does extended above the surface of the shoe by 3mm, it remains flush with the ground surface of the shoe to minimize its affect on the leverage reduction benefits of the shoe. The optimized reduction of leverage offered by the NB PLR & PLR Race is proving to not only be a superior tool for treating lameness, but also for preventing lameness and improving performance. The simple fact is that horses who are free of pain, thanks to a reduction in the amount of effort it takes to move, will perform better and stay sounder longer. Special Features; 1/8" wear plate/grab embeddd in the toe to increase the longevity of the shoe; Optimized multi-directional breakover relief; Slight heel taper to help re-direct energy & encourage a longer stride; Lighter, narrower web for speed events & horses with smaller feet; Steep inner rim to help with traction in arena surfaces. The Aluminum PLR shoe is made of a forged aluminum alloy that is heat treated for added hardness. This combination offers a light, yet durable shoe for optimal performance.
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