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Dynamic 3 Front 22x8 Side Clipped

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Mustad Dynamic DM Shape with additional heel support. The Dynamic shoe is an upgrade of our traditional DM model. It has the same main characteristics, such as it's basic shape. The new, additional features are the result of the feedback from our customers, the input by experts and manufacturing innovation. This shoe meets with our objective to get an even better shoeing result with less effort for the farrier. Shared features with DM; Same basic outside shape; Strong toe; Sole relief to minimize sole pressure; Long lasting durability on all terrains. Improved features; Additional support at the heels; Front side clips positioned between the 1st and 2nd nail hole; Ligther quarters to make shaping of the shoe easier; Optimized nail holes positionings. DYNAMIC SHOES ARE OF EUROPEAN ORIGIN AND RUN APPROXIMATELY TWO SIZES LARGER THAN US SIZES. A SIZE 4 DYNAMIC IS COMPARABLE TO A US SIZE 2.
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