Werkman Warrior 0 Hind 21.5x8Zoom

Werkman Warrior 0 Hind 21.5x8

Item# WS8952
$11.60, 10/$103.00
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This model has a left horseshoe and a right horseshoe; this is indicated by the size marked on the outside branch of the shoe and by a bead in the crease. The Warrior line comprises front shoes with a toe clip and side clips and hind shoes with side clips. The front shoes with the toe clip are somewhat longer than the front shoes with side clip, allowing for different positions on the the hoof. The straight toe makes rolling easier, ensuring the thickness of the material remains guaranteed. The front shoes come with two side clip options, between the 1st and 2nd or the 2nd and 3rd nail hole, which offers the farrier a choice to accomodate invidual hoof shapes and shoeing styles. The entire Warrior line comes with sole relief. The width of 20 to 25 mm expands in function of the size.
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