3M 7" Cubitron Disc 36 GritZoom

3M 7" Cubitron Disc 36 Grit

Item# 3M736C
$9.40, 10/$78.50
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Slices through carbon steel with 3M Precision Shaped Grain and generates up to twice the cut-rate, durability, and life of other fiber discs-all with less grinding pressure. That means less operator fatigue, faster throughput, and more parts per disc when tackling high pressure grinding applications such as medium to heavy-duty stock removal. Well-suited for edge chamfering, beveling, and removing carbon steel welds, mill scale, pits and imperfections, machining grooves, and more. 3M Precision Shaped Grain maintains super-sharp points that cut exceptionally fast with less pressure; Disc life is significantly longer, completing more parts per disc and requiring fewer disc changes; Triangular shaped ceramic grain lasts up to two times longer than other ceramic abrasives-it wears evenly, runs cool, and optimizes mineral breakdown; Stiff fiber backing and a strong resin bond provide durability and tear-resistance for heavyweight applications such as high-pressure weld grinding and beveling
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