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EVA/Leather Size 1

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Leather Therapeutic Shoes are specifically designed so a horse can modify both the hoof and ground surface s of these therapeutic shoes. Horses are able to achieve these modifications because of the unique properties in Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA). This design is based on Dr. Mike Steward's Wooden Clog. The blending of EVA Leather properties and the mechanical advantages of The Wooden Clog concept is proving very effective in reducing pain reactive forces. This unique combination reduces leverage and shock while increasing a horse's comfort. This simple concept of angle modification by horses is a major benefit to using EVA Leather Therapeutic Shoes. Movement is so important and beneficial for every aspect of a horse's well being. These shoes are used to treat many hoof problems from founder, laminitis, white line disease, broken coffin bones, long toe low heel syndrome, or just to develop a better hoof. We encourage a walking rehabilitation program with these shoes on to enhance circulation, which helps to grow a proper hoof.
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