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Equilox Stubbie Tips

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24-Element high performance mixing nozzle tip for use with all standard 50ml cartridges, compatible with all major adhesive brands(1:1 & 2:1 Ratios ). The mixing effect is more refined with the square mixing tube, the interface is well sealed, and there is no adverse reaction with any two-component glue. Static mixing nozzle for use with manual and pneumatic applicators. 50ml mixing nozzle can be used to mix all kinds of two-component AB glue within 50,000 CPS/25C viscosity. 24 Element high efficiency mixing nozzle Material: Plastic Color: Clear with Green Mixing Element. The core of the square-shaped mixing tube is composed of upper and lower left and right I-beam blades arranged in order. This type of mixing tube is a high-end product with high efficiency, saving and durability. When the two-component glue fluid passes through each blade, each glue is cut into 4 parts.
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