Glue-U Impression Material 11lbs A35 GreenZoom

Glue-U Impression Material 11lbs A35 Green

Item# GU-PU11GR
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Lightweight hoof filler for shockabsorption and protection -Available in Shores A15 Blue Super Soft, A25 Pink Soft, A35 Green Medium Soft -Specially for protecting inner hoof and solar surface. Easily mixable and shapeable by hand. Easy to cut which makes it applicable in many situations. Heating up Shufill hoof packing before use speeds up setting time significantly -2-Part Silicone Putty Material. Mix Equal Parts and it sets to an A25 (Soft) hardness in 4 - 6 minutes * Does not adhere to the foot, so should be used under a pad *Temperature & Humidity might have an effect on the performance of this product. Colder temperatures yield a longer set time, while hotter temperatures yield a shorter set time.
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